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Wisata SEO Sadau

wisata seo sadau

Commemorate the Indonesia independence day, Tarakan Blogger Community held the SEO contest sponsored by Bisnis5Online. This contest, intend to introduce a tour of the city, located in the Tarakan northern island of Kalimantan, the city of Tarakan is an island in east Kalimantan province that is famous with many attractions of the sea which is very interesting.

The contest theme this time is the fight for keywords "Wisata SEO Sadau." Winners of the contest "Wisata SEO Sadau" is blogger that can occupy the first position in the search engine Search google.co.id with keyword "Wisata SEO Sadau", which will be in execution on the day of Independence of Indonesia on 17 August 2009. The prize for the winner of this contest are as follows

First prize: Rp 500,000.00 --
Second prize: Rp 300.000,00 --
Third prize: Rp 100.000,00 --
First expectation: Rp 50,000.00 --
Second hope: Rp 50,000.00 --

1. Participants are bloger Indonesia
2. Have a minimum of 10 articles that have been in the post until 17 August 2009.
3. Not a porn site bloger
4. Willing to obey the rules of the contest has been set

Don't forget to put bisnis online complete with link and lowongan kerja too.

And put this following picture too at your blog :

wisata seo sadau

Back to my post, i hope this Wisata SEO Sadau can give positif effect for my country, Indonesia, that have a lot attraction, Wisata Sadau is the one.

Comments :

2 comments to “Wisata SEO Sadau”
Anonymous said...


Aceng Ardiyansah said...

Mantapp artikelnya gan sangat membantu...
Terus berkarya ya dan sukses...
Kalo ada waktu jangan lupa berkunjung ya...

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